Cable Car Caroling

Client: Institute on Aging
Year: 2009
Typefaces: Avenir, Filosofia
Deliverable: Poster, postcard, invitation coffee sleeve

Marketing package for Cable Car Caroling, an annual holiday fundraiser for San Francisco's Institute on Aging. Participants ride motorized cable cars to homebound seniors and sing cheerful holiday songs for them. The challenge with an annual event like this is to develop an original design relating to music and cable cars without repeating past concepts and avoiding overtly Christmas-y imagery (the event is non-sectarian).

The artwork was applied, with the necessary variations in text content, to a number of items including promotional postcards, coffee cup sleeves, posters, and formal invitations with a response card and donor list.

Those who read music will note that the music used in the design is the phrase ". . . in the City" from the carol "Silver Bells."