Green Apple Books

Client: Self
Year: 2009
Typefaces: Trade Gothic, Bembo
Deliverable: Booklets, bookmarks, coffee sleeve, shopping bag, posters, billboards

Hypothetical campaign for Green Apple Books, a used bookstore in San Francisco.

When people buy a novel, they are buying a story: a text. So I took a text-based approach, featuring the first lines of famous novels and the tagline "Good books start at Green Apple Books". I found novels that were well-known, with memorable opening lines, so people who already like reading fiction might recognize them, and people who didn't might still be intrigued.


news rack

bus stop

A number of countertop and point-of-purchase items were also designed to promote the bookstore at local cafes and in the bookstore itself. The package includes takeaway stories, coffee sleeves, bookmarks, and shop bags.

full set

The takeaway stories are meant to be distributed in cafes, subway stations, and other locations where people might want a quick read. The last page, inspired by old pocket paperbacks, includes a promotional page that directs the reader to Green Apple Books with a slogan related to the story. (Voltaire's "The Good Brahmin" features "Be happy beyond reason with a book from Green Apple Books.")


The covers were printed with a rough, beaten-up quality to evoke the well-loved covers one often finds on used books.