SF Symphony Type Treatments

Special logotypes for the San Francisco Symphony's concerts that are unique or elaborate enough to warrant their own type treatments for marketing.

Bluebeards's Castle
Bartok's modernist interpretation of the legend of Prince Bluebeard, who imprisoned his many wives behind doors of increasing psychological weirdness. (Typefaces: Gotham and Fetish)


Bluebear's Castle


Barbary Coast & Beyond
A concert of music relevant to the history of San Francisco, with special staging recreating the great Victorian music halls of the city. (Typefaces: Brothers and Copperplate)


Peer Gynt
Edward Grieg's mysterious fairy tale of a man without a soul, who journeys across distant lands in search of his purpose in life. (Typeface: Ziggurat)


Peer Gynt


War Requiem
Twentieth-century English composer Benjamin Britten's response to the devastation of the Second World War. (Typefaces: Gill Sans, Gill Shadow)



Davies After Hours
A series of concerts featuring pop musicians after special Symphony performaces. The musicians were commisioned to perform music that related to the classical concert in a casual, club-like space at Davies Symphony Hall. (Typeface: Gotham)


Davies After Hours