Wrigley Rooftops

Client: Chicago Cubs
Deliverable: Digital templates, brochures
Year: 2017

Communication system for the Chicago Cubs' "Wrigley Rooftops" properties, historic buildings surrounding Wrigley field with luxury box-style amenities and rooftop views of the baseball diamond. The Wrigley Rooftops logo was provided by the client.

The Cubs needed digital templates for their in-house marketing team to use for emails and social media.

Email template: display and full system

Animated ads. (Actual ads in HTML5; shown here as GIFs)

Two brochures for baseball games and concerts had to be in the same brand family, but not twins. The baseball brochure is square and green like a baseball diamond. The concerts brochure is a 1:2 rectangle (square when open) and midnight blue.

The target audience is mainly corporations planning group events.

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