San Francisco Symphony :: 2014-15 Season

Client San Francisco Symphony
Deliverables Brochures, digital ad templates, environmental supergraphics
Year 2014

Campaign for the San Francisco Symphony's 2014-15 season.

Michael Tilson Thomas celebrated his 20th season as conductor of the Symphony. The straight bracket, in musical notation, is used to unify multiple parts in an orchestral score—a perfect metaphor for the work of a conductor with an orchestra.

I art-directed the photo shoot with Michael Tilson Thomas and photographer Art Streiber. The intimate clarity of the photos lets us see the conductor's personality.

The beginning of the brochure featured a timeline of the past 20 years, leading up to the current season.

Design is often more about clarity and organization than it is about graphics. The Symphony plays over 120 concerts per year, which are grouped by day and theme into 15 subscription "packages." For the brochure, I devised a system of color-coded tags associated with each concert, which are cross-referenced to package summaries and a large calendar grid. So the same schedule is available in three different ways, depending on how the audience thinks about their options. Subscriptions for this season were almost 50% higher than the previous year.

A development of the blue graphic style for striking outdoor branding on streetpole banners.

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