AI illustrations

Client Partnership on AI
Deliverable Editorial illustrations
Year 2022-2023

Partnership on AI (PAI) is an international nonprofit partnership of major tech companies, academics, other nonprofits, and media companies, working together to address the social and ethical risks of AI technology.

For their public communications such as articles and blogs, I conceptualized and created editorial illustrations to present complex technical topics to a general audience. The consistent blue and coral color scheme was determined by PAI's brand standards.

If we want platforms to think beyond engagement, we have to know what we want instead

Safe foundation model deployment

AI and media integrity

Reporting incidents when AI goes wrong

The deepfake detection dilemma: How to share the tools to spot deepfakes

AI’s impacts on labor and the economy

Social media algorithms push negative content because that's what we engage with

Making it easier to compare the tools for explainable AI

Why we need a code of conduct for synthetic media

Algorithmic fairness and the law

AI ethics for newsrooms adopting AI tools

Knowing the Risks: A Necessary Step to Using Demographic Data for Algorithmic Fairness

Anticipating the likely accidents, misuses, and unintended consequences of AI technologies

Responsible sourcing of data enrichment services

"Deepfake" technology is already being used to make racist and antisemitic memes

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