Motion & Video

A selection of animation and video projects.

Client: Chicago Cubs
Deliverable: Web ads
Year: 2017

Animated web ads for Wrigley Rooftops, a collection of unique event venues surrounding Wrigley Field in Chicago. 

Client: University of California, Education Abroad Program
Deliverable: Animated promo
Year: 2010

Animation designed as the centerpiece of a website encouraging students to study in Germany. The UC Education Abroad Program faced a problem with students' perceptions of Germany as a quaint, fairy-tale country, out of synch with the reality of modern Berlin, where the program was located. I storyboarded, illustrated, and animated the 30-second spot.

Client: San Francisco Symphony
Deliverable: Video promo reel
Year: 2015

Sizzle reel introducing Soundbox, a new music venue in San Francisco. I created the brand identity, directed the graphics, and provided copywriting.

Client: San Francisco Symphony
Deliverable: TV ad
Year: 2014

TV ad for the San Francisco Symphony's holiday concert series. Working with the headshots provided by the performers, I directed all aspects of the design and motion graphics.

Client: San Francisco Symphony
Deliverable: Animated logo/ident
Year: 2016

The San Francisco Symphony's logo dates from 1992. It was time for an animated version to use in their growing collection of digital video content. I directed the animation of the 3-second ident at the start of the video.

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