Wrigley Rooftops

Client Chicago Cubs
Deliverable Digital templates, brochures
Year 2017

Communication system for the Chicago Cubs' "Wrigley Rooftops" properties, historic buildings surrounding Wrigley field with luxury box-style amenities and rooftop views of the baseball diamond. The Wrigley Rooftops logo was provided by the client, and I built the integrated brand around it.

Digital assets

The Cubs needed digital templates for their in-house marketing team to use for emails and social media.

Email template: display (above) and full system

Animated ads.

Print brochures

Two brochures, for baseball games and concerts, had to be in the same brand family, but not twins. The baseball-focused brochure is square and green like a baseball diamond. The concerts-focused brochure is a 1:2 rectangle (square when open) and midnight blue.

The target audience for the baseball brochure is mainly businesses planning corporate events, while the concerts brochure targets people organizing group social events.

Baseball brochure:

Concerts brochure, with a 1/2 page front cover wrap:

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