Client San Francisco Symphony
Deliverable Identity and branding system
Year 2014

Branding for SoundBox, a new experimental music space launched by the San Francisco Symphony. The goal was to present interesting music to an audience that normally doesn't attend traditional classical concerts. The challenge was to create an identity that was strong enough to introduce a new concept to San Francisco's music scene, and flexible enough for a popup venue that changes for every show. The actual space was an industrial backstage rehearsal room that was converted to a nightclub-style music hall.

SoundBox was a resounding success, with every show selling out within hours of tickets going on sale.

The SoundBox identity is flexible, like the venue, to allow many formats and variations. Four walls contain the content, reflecting the simplicity of SoundBox as a space. The open corners show its accessibility.

The typeface "Pea" by Corey Holmes is used as a graphic element to add activity and excitement within SoundBox's four walls.

Launch Campaign

SoundBox was announced with a teaser campaign consiting of a single web page for ticket presale, plus web ads, and a guerilla marketing campaign of wild postings and sidewalk stencils. Without giving too much detail, these promoted the name "SoundBox," the opening date 12/13/14, and the tagline "A new place for people who love music." I also defined the brand voice of simple, clear, unpretentious language.

Four animated teaser ads. SoundBox brand imagery is non-classical but implies music, rhythm, or sound. The color scheme is exciting and optimistic. Images are unpolished, dramatically cropped and non-literal.

Posters and sidewalk stencils appeared around San Francisco a month before opening.

The SoundBox teaser video extends the visual brand to motion graphics and editing. I also edited the copywriting to conform to the SoundBox brand voice.

Digital Presence

SoundBox relied mostly on word-of-mouth marketing supported by social media, digital ads, a website and app.

The website and app were made by the talented designers at Otherwise in San Francisco, under my creative direction.

Web home page

Web concert page

App home screen

App icon

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